Maintenance 4.0 Platform

Capture data from your equipment securely to a global platform to offer predictive maintenance to your customers.

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Horitzontal and vertical integration. Connectivity with industrial protocols such as S7, Ethernet/IP, OPC DA, OPC UA, etc.


Real-time visualization of the data of the different assets, KPIs, rules and conditions, historical data, etc.


Automatic generation of reports of asset data, alarms, counters, KPIs and equipment cycles.

Rules & Conditions

Configuration of rules and conditions, as well as equipment KPIs, to generate notifications based on it.


Notifications of different types, configured through the platform, to alert the user of any required maintenance action.


Platform connectivity with any analytics software to find predictive models and get insights from data.


There are 3 different roles on the platform: the end customer, the OEM operator and the platform administrator.

End Customer

  • Raw and production Data Owner
  • Dashboard configuration
  • Definition of customized KPIs
  • Analysis of historical data
  • User management

OEM Operator

  • Owner of the aggregated data
  • Definition of default KPIs
  • Design of the digital twin
  • Dashboard configuration
  • Configuration of notifications

Platform Admin

  • User administration
  • Platform manager
  • Application development
  • Security administration
  • Database administration


We offer a predictive maintenance platform for equipment manufacturers in the pharmaceutical sector. We have more than 25 years of experience in automation projects and more than 5 years of industry digitalization.

More than 25 years of experience in the integration of OT systems implementing global industrial automation solutions in the pharmaceutical sector.

Santi Isern

Managing Director

8 years of experience in digitalization of pharmaceutical industry, leading worldwide projects, using Industry 4.0 technologies.

Cristina Sust

Digitalization Lead

Telecommunications engineer who has worked as a project lead, with strong background as software developer and cloud solutions architect.

Alba Egea

Project Lead
25 Years of experience in automation projects
8 Years of experience in digitalization projects
70 Equipment connected in a Predictive Maintenance platform


Collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia

Participation in the postgraduate course on "Equipment and Facilities Maintenance" at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC).
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NIUKO attends the IoT Solutions World Congress

Learn about the latest developments of this technology that is increasingly being used in more industrial sectors, due to its versatility and potential.
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Industrial IoT Demonstration in MatCongress

A demonstration of an IoT solution has been shown, from the sensor to a web application accessible from the phone.
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